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How-to insert an intro page
  • Hello my problem is: i need an intro page in site root (index.html) to welcome my quest and redirekt with a link to my blog (index.php) but my main menu (blackparser) not working, because the "?" link and the s"static.php?page=XXX" links are show the index.html file. sorry my english thanks
  • either create an intro page with a static page and setting it from the menu on the config panel, or use this plugin http://www.flatpress.org/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=630#Item_25
  • index.php?page=staticpagename if i link in this format my static pages in the menu blockparser, then the index.html page is work correcly, showed just one. index.php is the original file, index.html the newest intro page no plugin and no file hack needed. (0.909.1) may be an error somewhere?
  • no errors, the plugin will rewrite your URLs so that /index.php?querystring=somestuff becomes the standard.
  • ok, thank you NoWhereMan :)
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