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Struggles with a portable WinXP webserver
  • I am a NEWBIE at webservers/Java/PHP/Blogs: I setup Server2go, a portable webserver for Windows using Apache and PHP 5.2.1 , on my desktop WinXP [local] for testing. Webserver address was, and the webserver test feature showed that PHP was working fine. No luck with FlatPress, and read all the posts on installation problems without success. Confusion about expected directory names, where to put the FlatPress folder, whether folder is required or not, whether the Q&A referred to Windows or Linux etc. The .php files in myPC remained without icons even though PHP was running. This would normally mean they were not associated with any program i.e. not recognized by Windows, which was worrying. Finally this is what worked for me 1. Put the FlatPress folder [extracted from the 'flatpress-0.909.1-arioso.tar' file] in the folder 'htdocs' [in case of other webservers, this will be the folder where the web content is be placed] 2. Ignore the fact that the .php files have no icon 3. No need for Windows style double clicking a setup or other file inside the FlatPress folder 4. Finally the golden words from the Readme in the FlatPress folder --- "##5 ... Point your browser to http://yoursite.com/flatpress/ and just follow *carefully* the instructions" In my case this was Next was pure magic: I got the Flatpress installer page, then the DONE page, then the Blog !!!! Marvellous stuff. But I would suggest 1. The readme file should be renamed readme.txt to make it noticeable [and make sure it is read] :) 2. Any discussion should indicate whether Windows or Linux is the OS Please do put up a guide for my type of test installation, portable webserver on windows This would make FlatPress an out of the box and out of this world experience for those of us who are not so techsavvy. "Try it out on your own PC before going live" perhaps ? Thanks for a beautiful piece of software
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