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Install in root directory
  • Flatpress is very nice and very usefull for my little comics blog. I have a question: say my url is www.cryx.it, as I have understood the blog will be published as www.cryx.it/flatpress ... is it possible to install flatpress in the root directory of my "url", i.e., www.cryx.it/flatpress/index.php will be www.cryx.it/index.php. I tried to force it but it does not works. I can redirect, of course, www.cryx.it/index.php to www.cryx.it/flatpress/index.php ... but /flatpress/ in url is not very nice. thank you for your help.
  • I've heard mention of this but I've never ever had a problem with installing FP to a root directory. I've had problems moving an installation from a subfolder to the root, but a clean installation has always worked first time for me. Are you trying to move it to the root? You need to install it from the original setup package then copy over your content folder from your original installation then flsuh out your templates cache and rebuild your index using the last option in your admin panel, as far as I'm aware (I try to avoid having to do that). edit: take a read of this - it might help (NWM's comment about editing a setting in defaults.php - not sure if that's still needed in the latest version)
  • either unpack flatpress to your root, or add a .htaccess with a rewrite rule
  • Thank you, it works ... simply modifing BLOG_ROOT to '/' ... it may cause problems in case uf upgrading flatpress?
  • no, you'll just have to change it back if you overwrite that file
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