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PHP 5.3 and core.date.php
  • I just upgraded to PHP5.3.2 and there it now requires a date_default_timezone_set() to be set. I fixed this with date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Amsterdam'); but it would be great if this can be included in the next release together with a configurable option of course. :)
  • PHP5 is getting more and more a blow-hard
  • Since PHP 5.3.0 the php.ini must have a default date/time zone. Flatpress (SVN 320) is working on Apache with PHP 5.3.1 without any changes in the files of Flatpress. Ok, PHP 5.3.2 I have not tested yet, because I don't have a fully supported PHP 5.3.2 at present.
  • I wasn't aware of the timezone requirement in php.ini. I will have a look at that. Thanx!
  • I can confirm that this fixed the problem. I have reverted back to the original file.
  • Tested on IIS 6.0 with FastCGI 1.5 for IIS, PHP 5.3.2 from php.net and Flatpress SVN 320. Quick and dirty test without any changes and all seems to work fine. I will do a more complex test in the next few days, but I think, it is ok :D
  • Great stuff! Does this mean a new version is around the corner?
  • Posted By: Mischa... Does this mean a new version is around the corner?

    I tested SVN 320, what means a developer version. The SVN versions are not for production environments, they are officially unstable. If you are crazy enough, use it at your own risk. Take a look here: Sourceforge.net | SCM Repositories - flatpress
  • SVN version is quite safe to use, I regularly run one on my own site. Only, if there are bugs, don't expect them to be fixed immediately, even though laborix can testify I'm usually quite quick ;)
  • Fair enough... what are the plans for the next release? As in features and fixes?
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