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Snail Theme Released
  • I just released another theme! This is ported from WordPress too... I just modified it a little bit here and there... It has the column on the left, but the widgets must be placed on the right, because it's just the right bar moved to the right (sorry, but I didn't find any other way to do it!). You can find it on the wiki! Hope you'll like it!!!
  • if you people were wondering, he released it on the wiki
  • Cool, I like it :)
  • The best theme for FP till now! I will use it on my blog!
  • Love the snail theme. It's similar to a theme I've created which I call Night Lights. I'll upload it as soon as I'm happy with it. Just needs a couple of tweaks. It is what I'm using at www.aspir8or.com but with a different header image.
  • I've updated Snail theme too... Now it works with Vivace... Well, it should work well, 'cause no intensive test was done... sorry! If you encounter some problems let me know, and I will correct it... Check the wiki and enjoy!
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