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Newsletter instead of RSS?
  • Hi there, is it possible to build a newsletter and automatically send new entries to all subscribers? I just realize that most visitors of my site are not familiar with RSS and don't use it. maybe this is not a flatpress qeustion, but i would be grateful for any answers how to automatically forward entries by mail. thanks a lot taotao
  • http://www.flatpress.org/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=890&page=1#Item_5
  • You could also add a signup for a manually generated newsletter to your site - it might take a little bit more time to do, but you'll have full control over what gets sent to people and that personal touch might mean a lot to your readers. There's one here which looks useful - I'm thinking of trying it out myself. It just uses a flat file database, so you should just be able to copy the files and start using it.
  • very cool!
  • Just tried it - very easy to set up... and it works. Just need to change a few settings and add some security - but there are htaccess examples in the zip package.
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