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Something like RSS Digest plugin?
  • This is a really neat Wordpress plugin, and with all the recent remote posting/Twitter importing plugin innovations, I thought maybe someone could make something similar for Flatpress? Far beyond my abilities, I'm afraid...
  • The Simplepie plugin will do something like that - you put your RSS feed addresses in and it puts some links in your sidebar. An example here (see the last section called "In other news" on the right hand side). You can add a lot of different feeds and specify how many links from each to return - but I always had a problem getting that to work correctly and ended up with a great big long list of links with looked unsightly, so I just used one feed here, with not many links. If you want to just repost feed content as a blog post then this probably isn't what you want.
  • Right--I'm talking about converting RSS feeds to posts. Putting feeds in the sidebar is nice, and I do that, but this is just another approach with its own advantages. Here's a screenshot from the plugin's page: RSS Digest Image
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