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New theme for all: Mnmlzm
  • I've created a new theme, live at http://mydigitalindependence.com/blog/. I haven't done thorough cross-browser testing yet, but hope that once everything works out perfectly it can be added under the main FlatPress themes section.
  • Good Morning, i found two Problems:
    • There is mutch space at the left side but i heave to scroll to the right.
    • Navigation (links) have the same style as WidgetBox Headlines (no link).
    I think this is the first HTML5 theme for flatpress!
  • Good call on the spacing, I centered it a bit more. I still want to maintain a great deal of whitespace though. As for your second point, whats widgetbox? And yes, first HTML5 theme for flatpress (unfortunately no CSS3, JS, or images for that matter). keeping things simple oh, yeah. does anyone know how/ where i can publish this theme when finished?
  • Hi, you can publish your theme by adding it to the Flatpress Wiki. You must first register a new account, the Flatpress Forum account doesn't work in the Wiki. An now, HTML5. I see in your page source that you using Google Hacks for IE. Personally I don't use HTML5, because at present it is a working draft. Take a look here, there is in the middle a summary with cross browser results and HTML5. IEBlog - HTML5, Modernized: Fourth IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers Ok, it's MS :D , but I tested also HTML5 with current top 5 browsers and find out that I should wait.
  • True, I could always wait, but I see no need to let IE hold me back. So long as IE has JS it can use HTML5 tags fine as if they were any other tag, and FF2 is fine with the proper application/xhtml+xml header, which encourages the use of standards and valid XHTML. From my perspective, IE9pre is what IE8 should have been, yet it still bombed on its latest ACID tests and SVG rating (whereas Opera has had better SVG support over four years ago). I agree that for my theme there is no NEED for HTML5, but Flatpress does not yet have one, so I thought I could be the first.
  • I also added XFN (XHTML Friends Network) to this theme for the comments section automatically, and toggling the default search value with Javascript. However, I am sort of stuck at how to shorten each post on the homepage. Right now I just set max-height on every post after the first, but that cuts off text. I don't want to cut text, but flatpress returns to me the entire post rather than a short version, so I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
  • Is there a download link for this theme? I'd take a look at it if there was. I haven't done much yet as far as flatpress goes, but I've done alot with Wordpress.
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