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  • Hi Guys, Is there a way to show a html page with link to every post on your blog? I have a huge blog now, and thought that would be an awesome way to see all of the posts on one page. A bit like the "rebuild index" page does under maintenance but with links to each post on a page... Has this been done before? I thought the sitemap plugin might work, but it needs google, and this blog is on a WiFi link with no internet...... Anyway ideas? Cheers Bj
  • Sure... From my opensearch plugin: $params=array(); # Init $params variable $params['fullparse']=false; # No text $params['comments']=false; # No comments $fpdb->query($params); $query=&$fpdb->getQuery(); $data=array(); while($query->hasMore()) { $couplet=&$query->getEntry(); $id=&$couplet[0]; $entry=&$couplet[1]; $data[$id]=$entry['subject']; } This PHP code puts the entries id as key and the subject as value as members of array $data (sorry for my english). Now you can use it with PHP or with Smarty. You can use foreach for both languages. This is the basic code...
  • Thankyou!
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