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  • Hi, can i create a Submenu? How? Thanx!
  • What do you mean? In the menu widget? You can make a list in a list (I don't know with BBCode, but with HTML is possible)
  • Posted By: tinthenetHi, can i create a Submenu? How?

    Not as far as anyone seems to have been able to do using the menu widget. Here's how I did it (start reading after the second block of code - about a third of the way down)
  • Thanx! In the main menu is possible?
  • Posted By: tinthenetThanx! In the main menu is possible?

    You mean by using the standard way of making a menu which is built into Flatpress? Not as far as I know - but you're welcome to try. One sure fire way to get a sub-menu is to ignore the menu feature of Flatpress and simply write your own, and code it into your theme, as my link above explains. Do a search and I think you'll find another thread somewhere which does a similar thing if you use the prettyurls plugin - probably easier to find if you search on my user name and look through the threads I've posted on - I think I posted on that thread too.
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