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  • Hello, good to all, I use a ton of time since flatpress, the truth is that a good script, and I love it, and I then decided to make a template, but ... http://flatpress.site11.com/ It seems that the header is deformed, but do not know why, I edited the header, and as I put the original template flatpress I pass, but when I edited the entry-default.tpl, it began to deform the header. .. I asked a friend who will review it and this is the conclusion: Image for the post What the left and I have worked, but the problem is on the right ... They say the missing "/ li /" on the menu, but I reviewed the template, and seems to be all in order ... Os the two template files that I edited: Entry-default:

    {$subject|tag:the_titl e}

    {include file=shared:entryadminctrls.tpl}
    Header {$flatpress.title|tag:wp_title:'»'}{$ flatpress.page} {action hook=wp_head}
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