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Looking for the French version or language pack
  • There is a link on the language page to a french guy that translated FP but the link is dead - is the french language pack available anywhere ? Thanks.
  • Unfortunately I think there isn't a French language pack available at the moment; even the old one was *very* outdated (nothing on the wayback machine either: http://web.archive.org/web/20070111182115/http://blog.loopion.com/2007/01/09/flatpress-un-outil-de-blog-database-less ). you may want to contact the guy who wrote it
  • OK - thanks NoWhereMan - maybe I'll get round to translating it myself sometime !
  • hey, some guy interested for french pack ? i would like to create it, but i don't know how . . . some help ? tuxcraft.net/zydar/ or by mail (maxime.venaud@voila.fr)
  • Hey zydar. We have created a new community to developp the french translation. http://flatpress-fr.info You can help us if you are interested.
  • don't forget to update the wiki with your langpack!
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