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File permissions
  • I asked this question in another thread but it got overlooked. Just curious what the answer is. What's with the differences in permissions between Arioso and the SVN? When I unzipped Arioso, I noticed that the file permissions are wide open. SVN is much more restrictive. It's a bit of a mystery to me why certain files need more open access but Arioso is so open it just doesn't seem quite right.
  • I've compressed the files locally, on a Windows installation. I guess the tarring program assumes (erroneously) 0777 for all files. Most people just FTP their files; when uploading to FTP file permissions are generally ignored, so it's not a big deal. (Oh, there is an open discussion about 0777 on the webroot, some scripts even *suggest* that... go figure...)
  • Ah, Windoze strikes again. @NoWhereMan I'm a little surprised you're using Windoze and not Linux. My FTP programs retain all file permissions. Anyway, I was wondering what kind of security risk there would be with those relaxed permissions.
  • Ah, Windoze strikes again.

    meh, it's probably 7-zip fault, not Windows'; as you can see from the icacls output of the released files, the group "Everyone" is never given "Full Control" access (similar to UNIX 0777), neither Users has RWX but only read. On Windows people just assume there is no access control... by the way, if you are concerned you can chmod -Rf 0755 flatpress/ OR... if you are REALLY concerned (IIRC) find flatpress/ -type d | xargs chmod 0755 find flatpress/ -type f | xargs chmod 0644 yep, I know my way around the shell, even though I'm using that EBIL PROPRETARY OS ;)
    I'm a little surprised you're using Windoze and not Linux.

    I use both, whatever fits the bill. A2 Hosting is a Linux hosting, for instance. Also, if you say "Windoze" I demand to spell Linux as "Linsux" as well ;D
  • Hey, that's not fair! Linux/Unix are the non-proprietary folks with an OS that actually WORKS!! Sparring all in good fun . . . :)
  • Well, I think they all have their merit. By the way, I used Linux as my sole operating system for three years, and FlatPress saw its birth there ;) If you look closer, on the home page, you should be able to recognize a Firefox window themed with the Murrine GTK+ engine ;)
  • Only for Info: Windoze, in german we said "windoof" :D But, on Windows IIS 6.0/7.0 and 7.5 you need access rights for flatpress. If you working with IIS, then "fp-content" should set: User/Group: IUSR -> Access right: Modify = read, write and delete
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