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Archivo como men
  • Hola quisiera saber si hay alguna manera de que el archivo de temas sea un men
  • you can style it via CSS
  • es decir no se puede ... , ja, ja Gracias
  • you *can*, you just have to style it see, in the bottom part of my own blog the archives are not in a column; in the same way you can make it look like a menu, for examples, see for instance http://cssplay.co.uk (and http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/dd_valid.html ) unfortunately I'm very short in time in this period, so I can't really be more helpful, but a group of discussion about html I'm sure will be if anyone here skilled in CSS has time I hope he'll help you from this board to help you a bit, I'm posting the relevant code form my own blog .archive-year {font-size: 130%; display:block;padding:0; margin:0} #column .archive-year a:link, #column .archive-year a:visited { color: #faa; } #column .archive-month a:link, #column .archive-month a:visited { color: #ddd; } #widget-archives .archive-month, #widget-archives ul { display:inline; font-size: 90%; } of course you won't get the dropdown thingie, but something which should look a bit like mine, those are btw the most relevant IDs and classes using the firebug firefox extension you'll see how fun playing around with css can be ;) bye
  • gracias, ver
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