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Warning: fopen(/view_counter.txt) [function.fopen]
  • Now I've big problem. If I'm login and clicking on any article, it's all ok. Instead, if I'm not logged in and I click on an article, above appear an error: Warning: fopen(/view_counter.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/mhd-01/www.warsintheworld.com/htdocs/fp-includes/core/core.fileio.php on line 10 You can try to go on my website, www.warsintheworld.com and click on some article, you'll see the error. I've already gone on Mantain and clicked on Rebuild index, Purge theme and templates cache and Restore file permissions but without resolving. I've updated version of FlatPress, but I've not seen any error, maybe only when I've used plugin.locker.php or plugin.expire.php (that I've already deleted these plugin). Someone can help me ?
  • disable plugin postviews
  • I disabled plugin postview and it works, no more error. But now I can't see how many people have visited ach article I posted. I mean, clicking on an article, inside appears for example (Add a comment (1 views) but above appears always the error: Warning: fopen(/view_counter.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/mhd-01/www.warsintheworld.com/htdocs/fp-includes/core/core.fileio.php on line 10 It seams that flatpress has not more possibility to write on every view_counter.txt and overall once time disabled postview, is not more created directory of date with inside view_counter.txt. So, there is a possibilty to enable postview, to show (Add a comment (1 views) and disable the error above ??
  • I SOLVED this problem. I've taken file called /fp-includes/core/core.fpdb.class.php of the last version of flattpress 0.909.1 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/flatpress/files/flatpress-0.909.1-arioso.tar.bz2/download) (install somewhere, create account, login and post a new article, at this point core.fpdb.class.php will be created). Then replace this correct file core.fpdb.class.php of 18615 bytes) with wrong file on your flatpress website with the problem 0.1010-sotto-voce (wrong file core.fpdb.class.php is of 20850 bytes). At this point, enable plugin postview and if you'll write a new article, you'll never this previous error. For me this thing has worked well, I hope for all who have had the same problem.
  • Old fpdb has some bugs, for example if you have enabled prettyurls and you go to a non-existent category you don't have a 404 error
  • No, I don't have. However this is the only way to have visible the number of visitors on every post on my website. Otherwise it doesn't work.
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