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Customizing Stlyes!
  • Hi all! How do i change the colors of certain theme/style? Is there like a CSS file? I really need to know because I might make my whole site FP powered!
  • I think you should only change the colors in the CSSs... They're stored in fp-interface/themes/theme-name/res/ !
  • For Flatpress to 0.703.6.2 you will find the CSS file here: "flatpress\fp-interface\themes\leggero\res" Btw, if you use an other theme as Leggero you have to look in "flatpress\fp-interface\themes\\res" Hope that was the correct answer for your question...
  • Thanks guys!What about the layout n stuff?
  • mostly via css. otherwise change the *.TPLs found under flatpress/fp-interface/themes/leggero/ which are essentialy html files break into pieces (you can open them with your favourite editor) bye
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