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SERP-Date of static pages
  • Hi there :-) I use Flatpress as CMS, not as Blog. It's really nice :-) The Problem: If I release a new static page Google publish the release date in the search results. My question: How can i ban the date from static pages? Thank you.
  • I think you just have to remove the date from your template
  • MacGyver said: I use Flatpress as CMS, not as Blog.

    A little OT: what do you mean? I'm curious... :-)
  • @ NoWhereMan: What I have to remove? @pierovdfn: No problem :-D ... If I search at Google, Google shows the creation-date of the static pages in front of the description (under the title in the search results). Do you know what i mean? ;-) For Example: MusicBlog 2 Dec 2010 ... MusicBlog. All about music . From my personal point of view. A lot of people like Romanian music, in our days. musicblog-blogger.blogspot.com/ - Cached - Similar
  • MacGyver said: What I have to remove?

    It dipends on your template. On leggero you have to remove this:

    Published by {$author} on {$date|date_format_daily}

    in static.tpl (under fp-interface/themes/leggero/) Ok, now I understand.
  • Thank you for you feedback :-) I use an own theme (based on Almost-Spring) and there the code line is not in the static.tpl Maybe i have to remove the following lines? entry-default.tpl : {$date|date_format_daily:$date_format_string} {if ($categories)} - Filed under {$categories|@filed}{/if} and index.tpl : {$date|date_format_daily:$date_format_string}
  • Yes but only {$date|date_format_daily:$date_format_string} if you don't want to delete filed under cat1, cat2, catn...
  • Hm, i try it with a new page - no effect :( Any other ideas?
  • *Solved* :-) Hint: You have to delete ALL variables $date and $the_date from the template files.
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