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SoulVision WP Template
  • Hey, I was wondering if someone has converted the SoulVision WordPress template(http://wordpressthemesbase.com/detail/762.html) into a FlatPress theme... And if not, if someone could? Any help would be appreciated... --Thanks, Daniel
  • i'll take a look on this week...
  • K, thanks. Let me know if you find anything... :)
  • I'm working on your theme, be patient...
  • Finally... i think to finish next week sorry for the loooooong time
  • 'Sall right... Thanks for working on it.. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! :D
  • sorry for the long wait but I had a lot to do. I finished building the theme. Please bring back all the errors. I hope you like it http://lantaca.altervista.org/flatpress/fp-content/attachs/soulvision.zip EDIT: see under
  • I saw your post and made an attempt to make it, I should clarify that I know very little php and css, and of course I do not use wordpress. Some details missing, but the result you can see in http://2s22.dyndns.org/rafael Hard work is to write new files tpl. In the style.css I did change the name of the ID "content" and renames it "contenedor" I did this because in Flatprees "content" has a use other than specified in soulvision::style.css below an example: static.tpl [ESP] Yo vi tu mensaje e hice el intento de convertirlo, debo aclarar que conozco muy poco de php y de css, y por su puesto Yo no uso wordpress. Faltan algunos detalles, pero el resultado lo puedes ver en http://2s22.dyndns.org/rafael El trabajo duro consiste en escribir los nuevos archivos tpl. En el style.css Yo hice el cambio del nombre del ID "content" y la renombré como "contenedor", Yo hice esto debido a que en Flatprees el ID content tiene un uso diferente al especificado en soulvision::style.css a continuación presento un ejemplo: static.tpl {include file=header.tpl}
    {static_block} {static}


    {/static} {/static_block}
    {include file=widgets.tpl}
    {include file=footer.tpl}
  • Very good work, better than my. hi alahskc, i have analize a little the the theme by rafaelx and i have see that accuratelly reflects boot the look and internal structure of wordpress original template. he olso added a few lines of php code taht i can not. The resul is muth better than my, so i suggest yoou to use his theme Next time i'll try to do the best theme at the first shot ;-), but this time the "official porting" of this template is of rafaelx i hope he put the theme in the wiki quickly
  • Thanks guys! I'll try it out, and let you know how it works. I really appreciate the work! :)
  • Alrighty. One problem. Where can I download that? That might be a little helpful to know... lol
  • I told them that I am not expert in PHP or Flatpress, I am a user and I am interested in learning a little. So far I've done this: http://2s22.dyndns.org/rafael/otros/mysoul.tgz Adapt it to yours needs, and if you have any questions post it if I know the answer will place in this post. [Esp]Les comenté que que no soy experto en PHP o Flatpress, soy un usuario y estoy interesado en aprender un poco. Hasta este momento lo que he hecho pueden obtenerlo en: http://2s22.dyndns.org/rafael/otros/mysoul.tgz Adaptenlo a vuestras necesidades, y si tienen cualquier duda avisen, si sé la respuesta con gusto la colocaré en este post.
  • Hello lantaca gladly remove my personal details on theme and post it, the problem is where is the wiki? [ESP] Hola lantaca con gusto quitaré mis datos personales del tema y lo publicaré, el problema es ¿dónde esta la wiki?
  • Hi, wiki is on http://wiki.flatpress.org/res:themes I have add the themes on the wiki, don't worry ;-)
  • @rafaelx, lantaca Great work guys.. This is a beautiful theme..
  • The links here do not work. Can someone please re-upload it somewhere? The theme looks really good.
  • Rafaelx's links, both here and at the wiki work for me. Do you get file not found, or some other error?
  • Sorry guys, the link wasn't working last night but it is now.
    I made a change where it got rid of those links that linked statically to all rafaelx's pages and changed what I think was Espanol to English.
    But it is not still not looking 100%. I don't know if i am allowed to post my website but here it is with the applied theme: http://mreviews.braced.net/
    When I click on comments, it throws up an error:
    Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "shared:comment-form.tpl" in /xxx/xxx/xxx/fp-includes/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1095
    It's the only theme that does this. I tried all my other themes and they work fine. I also checked out the attributes on the server to ensure maybe it was a permissions problem but alas, it is not that either. I have a feeling the problem is with comments.tpl but can't see any issues with it.
    Anyway ideas?
    Thank you very much for your help.
  • I tried a fresh install of the latest FlatPress and the Soulvis theme into my Uniserver install, copied a bunch of content from an existing flatpress blog - everything works fine, no Smarty errors, comments work, widgets all registered. Have you got a local dev environment you can try out a completely fresh install on?
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