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PrettyURLs multiple modes
  • I have commited to SVN trunk a new version of PrettyURLs which allows you to choose whether using * automatic mode (same as now, if .htaccess exists uses PRETTY otherwise PATHINFO) * HTTP URL mode: http://example.com/flatpress/?u=/my/url (useful for instance with IIS) * PATHINFO mode: http://example.com/flatpress/index.php/my/url * PRETTY http://example.com/flatpress/my/url please test and report any problem :)
  • We want a correct page url handling :D No, I'm just joking. Thanks for your work :)
  • pierovdfn said: We want a correct page url handling

    I don't remember what you are referring to
  • The technique of remaking urls: you lose your additional params like count (or tag :) )
  • *PRETTY is great. URL's should be short, easy to understand, have an non confusing structure and possible to tell to someone over a bad phone line without using the phonetic alphabet :P Besides, with the PRETTY version it's possible to do a lot of fun tricks like mixing static pages with blog categories within the same look and feel of the URL's as well as using a directory labeled the same and a special crafted .htaccess to include customized features. Love it :)
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