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Use of two digits to define the year - eg 11 for 2011
  • I am a passionate believer that programmers should always use four digits to designate the year. The Year 2000 problem cost industry hundreds of millions to fix. The original decision -probably in the 1950s - was justified as in those days memory was extremely limited and very costly but that is not the case today. Today I do do see any justification in only using 2 digits to define the year even though the practice is still widespread. I strongly recommend that the next release of FlatPress use 4 digits for the year. Kind regards David Goudie
  • the id format has its root in the orign of FlatPress as a drop-in replacement for SimplePHPBlog. The date is internally represented as a UNIX timestamp. I believe nobody will still use FP by Y3K.
  • NoWhereMan said: I believe nobody will still use FP by Y3K

    Why not? :-)
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