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  • Salve a tutti... come da titolo, vorrei sapere se esiste un plugin per la generazione automatica di sitemap, che funzioni su server Windows... Grazie in anticipo
  • The most up to date version of sitemap plugin is available here Flatpress Plugin: More Changes to the Sitemap Plugin It should just expect a standard flatpress installation, apache, php etc.
  • I installed it now. The last version i try, gave me an error, this seems to to be working...When i can check my sitemap.xml file to be sure it's working? At the moment i create a new sitemap manually everytime i add a new post or pages, but the last time i didn't do this, so in my sitemap the last post is missing. To be sure the plugin it's working i should see also my last post in the sitemap.xml file. At the moment sitemap looks like the last times, the new post is not yet added.
  • The sitemap should automatically update whenever you either publish or save a blog entry. The default is to save the sitemap.xml file to your blog root directory. What version of php are you running?
  • actually i'm running PHP Version 5.2.0 . I try to add a test post to my blog, but the sitemap remain the same...
  • what are the permissions and time date of your webroot/sitemap.xml?
  • What do you mean for time date? anyway, at the moment, i have full permission (like 777) just on fp-content. The problem is that i cannot set the permission by ftp, i need to ask to my hoster, and this is really boring...
  • If the sitemap had been updated it should have a recent date and time for the sitemap.xml file. Then try editing the 'plugin.sitemap.php' file and change the line that reads $sitemap_name = '../../sitemap.xml'; //The sitemap name to $sitemap_name = '../../fp-content/sitemap.xml'; //The sitemap name This should allow the 'sitemap.xml' file to be created in the 'fp-content' directory.
  • Ok, the time says 5 May 2011, so it's not recent. I try to change the line how you say, but nothing changes, it doesn't work...
  • When you changed the location (as above) of the 'sitemap.xml' ($sitemap_name) did it create the file in the 'fp_content' directory?
  • no, it doesn't...
  • Ok my bad, the line that actually creates the file is below, so change $fp = fopen("sitemap.xml","w"); to $fp = fopen(FP_CONTENT . "sitemap.xml","w"); This hopefully should create the sitemap in the 'fp_content' directory. Next problem is pointing to it so the search engine submission will work. You still need to change the line that reads $sitemap_name = '../../sitemap.xml'; //The sitemap name to $sitemap_name = '../../fp-content/sitemap.xml'; //The sitemap name or $sitemap_name = 'fp-content/sitemap.xml'; //The sitemap name
  • Ok, now it's working but...in this sitemap there's just post, no page. How i can add page?
  • what's the url of your sitemap? or just paste it here so I can see it did you mean static pages?
  • Yes, i mean static pages...
  • the sitemap plugin doesn't automatically handle static pages as yet. I have my own script that I run to generate non-post sitemaps. As static page urls change infrequently I suggest you add them manually by adding just after the section that reads //Regular pages $date=date('Y-m-d'); $cats[] = array( "loc" => $website_url, "changefreq" => "daily", "date" => $date, "priority" => "1.0" ); e.g. to add a prettyurl'ed about page link to the sitemap you would add $cats[] = array( "loc" => $website_url . "?page=about", "changefreq" => "daily", "date" => $date, "priority" => "1.0" ); e.g. to add a prettyurl'ed contact page link to the sitemap you would add $cats[] = array( "loc" => $website_url . "contact.php", "changefreq" => "daily", "date" => $date, "priority" => "1.0" ); so your code would now look something like this //Regular pages $date=date('Y-m-d'); $cats[] = array( "loc" => $website_url, "changefreq" => "daily", "date" => $date, "priority" => "1.0" ); $cats[] = array( "loc" => $website_url . "?page=about", "changefreq" => "daily", "date" => $date, "priority" => "1.0" ); $cats[] = array( "loc" => $website_url . "contact.php", "changefreq" => "daily", "date" => $date, "priority" => "1.0" ); Not ideal I know, but until something better becomes available.. shrug To be honest as long as your static pages are linked to internally by your other pages then a search engine crawler should follow the links and find them anyway.
  • Ok, thanks
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