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Kubrick theme?
  • I've just discovered flatpress. I've been using Wordpress for a few years now but for a new site I wanted to give flatpress a try and I'm really liking it so far. The only issue I have is that themes don't seem to be sorted very well. Some link to broken pages, or expired domains. I've been searching for Kubrick theme for Flatpress, but the one site that had it, seems to have been offline for a couple of years. Anyone happen to have a copy of it that might work with the newest flatpress version? Or are there any sites other than the flapress wiki that host themes?
  • Hi i think we have lost the theme, but someone can rebuilt it ;-)
  • Maybe we can try to do that theme ;-)
  • can you give me the link of the theme that you like???
  • It's the previous default Wordpress Theme.
  • si ma allora fa schifo.. dai signori.. prenderne uno più bello???
  • Bobu said: si ma allora fa schifo.. dai signori.. prenderne uno più bello???

    hehehe bobu you are fantastic! i like kubrik theme...
  • That would be great, thanks, I'll keep an eye out for it
  • when i have a bit of time, i can made a theme looks like kubrik.
  • most of those themes were outdated; however I've found some of them in my old desktop PC, see if this archive can be of any help
  • it works, you have just to reneme "theme_conf" to "theme.conf"
  • lantaca said: it works, you have just to reneme "theme_conf" to "theme.conf"

    In core.themes.php there is some lines of code to use both theme_conf and theme.conf.
  • yes, but if you don't rename this file, you can't see it in the themes panel. I don't know why but...
  • because they are pre-0.70x themes, they follow the old (deprecated) conventions, and they should be updated. For instance you'll find {$content} instead of {$content|tag:post_text} (or whatever that is, I don't remeber ATM :P)
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