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Problem upgrading and/or with operating system change
  • Hopefully I've not missed something, but I've not found this topic discussed here or via Google. Background: I used FP 0.909.1-arioso happily for a bit over a year for a couple (mostly) private blogs. My "web host" (a friend who gives me some space for free) recently switched from FreeBSD to an RHEL clone. After the above upgrade, my blogs stopped working. In the Apache error logs I see lots of messages along the lines of: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in (specific file & line number) Then finally a message like: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4294967296 bytes) in (file & line number) (I'm not specifying the files & line number because the first message appears several times and for several files, while the second message has changed when I've tried to "fix" the situation (see below).) From poking around on the forum, it seems the first message is harmless. Even though the memory error seems to be happening at more memory than I should need, I inserted ini_set calls into some of the php code to up the accessible memory, but that just seems to pass the problem to another point in the code. In looking at the FP page I saw that I was behind a version, so tried to upgrade following the instructions for "Upgrade by moving the contents" on the FP wiki. An "empty" blog appears fine; however I see the same errors as above after I copy the contents from the original blog into the new one.
  • Is it possible, that you have scale=NN% in some entries? Can you insert your blog entries step by step and rebuild every time the Flatpress index? Ok, it's a hard way, but you said, FP is running without errors in a blank setup. So I think, some of your entries are corrupt. I forget to ask which plugins are activated? Are there some plugins from third parties?
  • laborix, tl;dr: From what you said, I was able to get things working! Many thanks! Longer explanation: Using find & grep the only appearance of "scale=NN%" I found was in a comment in config/plugins.conf.php. I didn't think that likely to be the problem. I am 99.44% certain that the old blogs had NO third party plugins. The new version was a fresh install with nothing added, so plugins didn't seem likely to be an issue. What I had not thought about until you mentioned it was re-building the index. I looked again, and there's no mention of that in the wiki instructions about upgrading. It just never occurred to me, as I don't think I've ever needed to do it before. So, I re-copied the content files to the new blogs and re-built the index for each, and that worked! Of course, with the old blogs being inaccessible I can't figure out how I would have re-built the indexes ... or if doing so would have solved the original problem ... and how likely is it that two blogs and/or their index files would have become corrupted? Thanks again!
  • Fine that it work. I have changed the steps in the Flatpress Wiki Upgrade Flatpress. Thanks for your info
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