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Modified Leggero Theme
  • I know I'm a bit of a hack but I thought I'd share this theme I have come up with, which is modified from Leggero. Its probably illegal in seven ways and "breaks validation" and everything else, and there are a few things here and there I can't figure out how to do (or get rid of) but I like the way this looks and now just need to figure out how to use it. I even fixed all the links in the default post in case someone can and wants to clean it up and make an honest and official theme of it, otherwise I'll just use it for my own purposes. http://drama.zanysite.com/flatpress/
  • it would validate without
    tags, and you could get the same behaviour by styiling #footer with more bottom padding/margin and text-align:center you can then post your theme on the wiki bye
  • What about making it a style for Leggero???
  • he doesn't have svn, and he said the template has been modified
  • i think this modified looks more pro than the original, how can I add my own pics to the header pics under title of the blog? how size it is? thanks
  • You can add images to the header by modifying the CSS like this... #head { background-image: url(../imgs/bg1.jpg); height: 179px; width: 179px; }
  • Thank you for the kind words and help on my first halfway-decent try at modifying something, everyone. I had three main problems with modifying this theme, that I am unable to "fix": 1. Can't get rid of that "whitespace" expanse above the Section Title "stripe" in each menu in the sidebar 2. Can't remove the Admin-mode [Edit] tags from the Last x Entries menu in the sidebar 3. Can't get the Month to indent after the Year in the Archives menu box in the sidebar
  • 1. The "whitespace" is caused by a margin of some pixel. Check out your CSSs and look for it where you defined the title of the section... 2. It's all in the Last Entries plugin. Delete these two lines of code if (user_loggedin()) // if loggedin prints a "edit" link $string .= "[".$lang['plugin']['lastentries']['edit']."]"; and you're done! 3. Probably because you haven't defined the li property in the CSS... You should add it inside the column.css... Make some try and you'll get it!
  • do edit CSS using notepad? or any type of pad? thanks?
  • any editor should do; however since I mostly work under linux you might experience funky newlines opening in notepad; I suggest using another editor such as notepad++ bye
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