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Call for moderators
  • The increasing number of spamming attempts brought me to the decision of disabling automated approval for new forum members. I never noticed how many spammer were registering to spam the activity forum page (which I will disable, once the newest Vanilla2 is out, which will feature this function).

    In the meantime, I'm willing to consider giving moderator powers to people with a high post count who will request to become one.

    Do not ever abuse your power. 

    You're not here to censor, you'll be here to moderate. The only thing which should be punished severely is spamming, which, as per new policy, will be punished with account and contents deletion: in particular for those people with a very low post count (e.g. less than 3).

    I would have enabled email confirmation for new applicants, but unfortunately Vanilla2 does not include this feature.

    Once you'll be moderator, feel free to sweep some of the remaining spammer accounts (you'll see them in the activity page)
  • I visit often the forum, so I could help...

    For the email... Isn't there any plugin?
  • I have updated to the last beta of Vanilla2, which features email confirmation; spam has considerably dropped; btw you should now have mod powers
  • Se serve una mano volentieri. ;)
    Un semplice anti-spam non basterebbe?
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