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Is it possible to change the date of a post?
  • I just started using FP on my website. I didn't have too many previous entries, so I just simply recreated them with FP. I would like to change the dates back to the date they were originally posted. Is that possible? If so, how?

    As it looks to me, I'd have to create the proper folders in the content folder, move the text files over, rename the files, and change the date inside the text file. Are there any other steps? Will I have to make changes to anything in the index folder?
  • Take a look here, it should answer your question


  • I took a look at that and downloaded the DateChanger plugin-in that it references, placed it in the folder, but it does not show up in the plug-ins list. Is that normal? Can I enable it manually?
  • Which DateChanger Plugin do you have download? Where have you placed the plugin? In the /fp-plugins/ dir? 

    I use the first DateChanger Plugin, not the alternate one. It works fine, if you create new entries. But you can't change existing entries.

  • I originally downloaded version 2.1 and couldn't get it to show up in the plug-ins list, but the original version works for me. 

    Thanks a lot!
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