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Where is the code for the [Read More...] link located?
  • I want to take my visitors to a custom page when they click the [Read More...] link. I've searched around the pages, but I can't find where the code for that link exists. Any help?
  • It should be in the readmore plugin
  • Thanks! I found it, but I'm not able to figure out how I should edit the link. I've tried a number of variations, but each time I break the page. Looks like I'm a bit too much of PHP noob to figure it out. 

    What should I change this line to? Will I need to change anything else?

    <a href=\""
    .get_permalink($id)."#readmore-{$id}\">[Read More...]</a> 

    I want the link to go to permalink.php then add in the query info.
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