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Theme JP - Shop (Joomla) on FlatPress
  • Hi could be possible to have this theme (JP - Shop) available for Joomla also in Flatpress ?
    http://demo.joomlaplates.net/jp_shop/  (this is the webpage)


  • If some kind soul has the time to do it, yes. This 3-column layout could be altered to suit - but I don't have the time to do it.

    I could share the files I used for it but there might be some non-standard code in there - I can't remember. The design is based around the ezau theme by zeuder, which is a 2-column layout. I think the version I did has left, right, top or bottom widget placement, so you can move things around quite a bit.

    I used a lot of blockparser widgets to add the little custom menus to the ribon-style footer. I think I took that from another theme - but I can't remember which.

  • In effect ezau theme has 2 columns.............. little on left and big on central position. Can someone do a theme like this ??  http://demo.joomlaplates.net/jp_shop/&nbsp

    Or this:

  • Sorry for the late reply Panther. The 3-column version of Ezau at the link above is one I did but I can't remember what I needed to change other than adding the widget left position, and there might be some non-standard stuff in there which means I can't really add it to the wiki as an "official" user theme, but you're welcome to the files if you want to use this as a basis for your own theme.

    You can place your widgets in any of the four positions in this theme (i.e. top, bottom, left, or right). I used basically the same thing to produce my new site - and wrote a little bit about it here, where you can find the download link.


    I think it should work ok for you but it you find any little bugs please let me know. In order to get the top menu to appear in the first place you'll need to drop your menu widget into that position in the widget panel. Most of the menus and stuff you see in the side panels and in the footer "ribbon" menu are blockparsers too.

  • Please insert the correct link of the theme. I'll port it in flatpress
  • I've put it on http://www.guerrenelmondo.it but I notice 3 wrong things.
    1) On the top on the right there is search-box........if you open GoogleChrome and if you select with mouse the title of website and you go down until first news, you can see a long line on the right. This is the reason because on the website is not centered on the page. I mean, it is on the left (correctly) and well centered, but there is a big white space on the right. There is a line somewhere that should bu cut previously.
    However if you connect to http://www.guerrenelmondo.it, you can see it.
    But I notice that also in your website http://flatpress.georgi.co.uk/?page=ezau-3-column  there is the same error.
    2)The width of right and left column is different, it's a wanted thing or not ?
    3) below of every news, it misses something to share news (facebook, twitter, G+, etc....).

  • I'll take a look. I had myself noticed a layout problem with the right column getting squeezed down to below the entries in IE6 (all we're allowed to use on our company network) but I've never noticed anything amiss in Chrome - I'll look again and try selecting the title as you suggest.

    It was a bit experimental so thanks for the feedback.

  • few seconds ago I rewrite my answer with 3 errors. There are another 2 errors.
  • Yes the two columns were supposed to be different widths (just the way I wanted it for my own site).

    The other problem you mentioned seems to be to do with the width of the searchform div. If you go into the theme's style.css and add width: 800px; in the #searchform section, and change the "left" value to 460px it should fix it.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the share section. Is this via a plugin which isn't working with the theme, which one? There's nothing built into a standard FlatPress theme to provide such a thing.

  • I've added these lines, but nothing changed:

    position: relative;
    top: -55px;
    left: 460px;
    width: 800px;

  • Ok, I'll take a closer look at it - I just made that change very quickly on my local copy, which seemed to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar in Chrome.

    It might be better if I delete that search box entirely - I notice you have it in your side bar anyway. It was a bit of a hacky of me putting it where it is - I should have created a widget position for it.

  • ho risolto usando queste impostazioni:
    position: relative;
    top: -55px;
    left: 500px;
    width: 500px;

    Magari potrà servire anche ad altre persone.............se puoi già aggiornare la versione con queste modifiche.
    Infine, andando su Themes per modificare il tema, questo il nome del tema rimane su Ezau invece che ezau-3-column.

  • Bye the way:

    If there is a picture above near the title, this is the code on style.css:
    position: relative;
    top: -55px;
    left: 700px;
    width: 500px;

    If there is not a picture above on the left near the title, this is the code on style.css:
    position: relative;
    top: -55px;
    left: 500px;
    width: 500px;

  • Thanks for your help. In the end I changed the width of the search form to 250px and moved it to the right because it was interfering with my rather long blog sub-title. I'll add something to my blog page to remind users to amend this section of the css if they don't have an image file in the blog title.

    I've also added in the sticky-post widget position which I use on my own blog, and updated the preview image and theme title etc.

    I added it to the Wiki - the link there takes you to my blog with the updated theme zip file to download.

  • Visto che sei italiano mi spiegheresti il tuo problema in italiano grazie. Cosi forse capisco un po' meglio e riesco ad aiutarti
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