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Hey there
  • Is there a way to write posts external and import them into flatpress other then
    creating a file like:
    Pushing it into the matching folder and rebuilding the index file?

    Or is there a way to rebuild the index file by logging in via an external software or an URL?

    greez Lui
  • what are you trying to do exactly? For instance, if you like using clients to write posts, there is a plugin for that
  • Or this other way, I remembered reading.
  • I'm a Programmer and i've got a Programm wich converts a Text in our Programm into a FlatPress compatible Format so I can upload those Files onto the FTP-Server where FlatPress is installed.
    And currently I need to klick on the rebuild index link in the admin panel.
    What I want to do is press that link via an external script or by opening a url or any other way possible so my Programm can do it for me.

    greez Lui
  • no idea how to get done with this Problem?
  • Hm... not even NoWhereMan?
  • I remembered this thread from a long time ago - took me a while to find it again. Maybe it will help you to add rebuilding the index into your script.
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