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Theme Deckay4.0 - Archive to big - retracable?
  • Is there a Way to make the Archive Widget (Years, Months) retractable so it dosen't take up so much space over the years?
    I found this guide (German) but it dosen't seem to be aplicable to the Deckay 4.0 Theme - I can't finde the specific parts.

    Best regards
  • Do you want to put in the same line all the months near the year? like this:

    2011 november october september ecc....
    2010 november october september ecc....
    2009 november october september ecc....

    So you must to write this code in your style sheet

  • I got it, but thank you for your reply!

    I added

    #widget-archives li ul {
        display: none;
    #widget-archives li:hover ul {
        display: block;

    File: fp-interface/themes/deckay40/deckay-black/res/style.css

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