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Comments as numbers in a speechbubble
  • I really like how the comments in Pieros blog are displayed as numbers in a speechbubble.
    Is there any way to apply this to Zeuders Deckay 4.0 style?

    Best regards
  • Hi, I've just used {$comments}, without the pipe. This for the number.
    For the speechbubble I've used a div floated to right and with the boubble as background image.
  • Thanks a lot. I couldn't do it the way I intend to but so I had to restructure everything and in the end it's better than I expected :)

    I added a some graphics to the date, moved the date, added the speechbubble, moved the views and comments to the beginning of the post. No you can view or write a comment by clicking the bubble oder clicking the number of posts :)

    On questions but I think its another case: I use the postcount views plugin. I moved the viewcounter out of the link to the comments. Is there any way to make the number of views clickable so all blogentries get sorted by views?

    Best regards and thanks a lot :)
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