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Invisible Tags + known Search Function improvement
  • Today I changed the search function like NoWhereMan explaind here.
    The search function ist no slower but it searches the entrys too, not only the title.

    So I played around and came up with some invisible Tags.
    Just add at the End oder where ever you like to ad them:

    [size=0%]dreams sleep your tags bananarama[/size]

    PS Thinking about the Method, does this maybe get you on the google blacklist? o.O
  • that's a neat idea, you can improve it by writing a [tag] plugin so that words between [tag][/tag] are simply not printed out :) see  http://wiki.flatpress.org/doc:plugins:bbcode:tips for help
  • I think I can't wrap my head around how to do it :/ What part in the example actually executes what the BBCode is supposed to do?
  • the return statement defines the text replacement; the other function registers the callback function and creates a tag with the given name (in that case, [acronym])
  • Pay attention, LTB! Google hates these tricks, so it's better not using them.
  • Thanks Piero, a already questiond that :) To play save I decided to just get the Size to 80% and call them TypoTags like

    TypoTags: flatpres fltapress bloging ...
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