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add entry with earlier date .....
  • version: FlatPress fp-1.0
    theme: Leggero

    does FlatPress allow to add entry with earlier date ... fow example today April 1st would i be allowed to add a entry with a date of March 12th
    many thanks
  • That would be the datechanger plugin. 
  • ok
    i will try
    many thanks for your help

  • version: FlatPress fp-1.0
    theme: Leggero

    i have downloaded the plugin, unzipped and uploaded
    admin panel > i have enabled it
    tried to write an entry with a older date but can not publish, preview ... nothing happen

    downloaded again, unzipped, uploaded again
    this time i have tried to change the permission of "plugin.datechanger.php" to 777
    tied again to write an entry with yesterday date but again nothing happen, the entry is not previewed nor published 

    what could cause the problem ?

  • Have the plugin directory at least 755 chmods?
  • plugin 777

    but today i was adding a new entry and i noticed i CAN NOT preview nor publish, i need to go back and disable the datechanger plugin, back to the entry and i did publish it as usual ...

    anyone knows if the problem is with the plugin "datechager" or with my particular installation???

    many thanks 
  • I think you might have the wrong datechanger.  This is the info on the one I use:

    Plugin Name: DateChanger Plugin
    URI: http://www.nowhereland.it/
    Type: Block
    Description: Let you change date for entries and clutters the interface with another drop down menu
    Author: NoWhereMan Version: 1.0
    Author URI: http://www.nowhereland.it/
  • that's right. Marcoverga86's DateChanger is outdated.
  • you were right

    i did changed the plugin , tested, and everything is working fine ...

    may i humbly suggest to modify the working on the Wiki page, the right plugin - version 1.0 - says "Largely untested", the outdated one lists version 2.0 and 2.1 ... maybe i am not too smart but maybe some other people in the future could make the same mistake and believe the MarcoVerga is the most update ...

    many thanks for your kind support indeed


  • Glad to hear you got it working!
  • Hello,
    sorry, i have just noticed a typo before 
    i wrote "may i humbly suggest to modify the working ..."
    instead i meant "may i humbly suggest to modify the wording ..."
    i think the current description is a little misleading ...
    many thanks indeed
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