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title of contact page
  • By default the title of the contact page is the same as the main page, that is the title of the blog. I wanted to change the title to something like the title of the About page, "[title of blog] >> Contact". Is there any easy way for this. I had a quick look at code and modified contact.php in the main folder. The changes I made to get this are:
    in contact_display() added this line:
    add_filter('wp_title', 'contact_title', 10, 2);
    and defined this function:
            function contact_title($title, $sep) {
                    $t = "Contact";
                    $title = "$title $sep $t";
                    return $title;
    I see for other pages apparently a table is used in order to make localization easier perhaps. Have I reinvented the wheel or really this bit is missing in the code for the title of the contact page?
    (the changes I made work fine though: http://shambool.com/contact.php)

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