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Pretty urls Eastern European problem :(
  • Need help guyz.
    I know I have to edit the pretty urls plugin 'cause I have post titles with Eastern European characters, example Č, Ć, Đ, Ž & some others.
    Some are converted ok in the url of the post but 'Č' & 'Ć' are replaced by 'o' & 'e' for some reason, so Google indexes them wrongly.
    What part of the plugin I need to edit? Do I add some lines or something? Tnx.
  • Hi, I'm not sure because I haven't experience with non-latin chars but maybe this problem is due to the lack of unicode of PHP.
    I'll made some tests.

    EDIT: I haven't problems nor with PrettyURLs nor with RewriteURLs (Linux Server/PHP 5.4)...
  • Ok tnx, I'll find a way to see what is the problem. Tnx again for quick reply.
  • looks like the transliterating procedure gets some chars wrong. Unfortunately I don't have much time to investigate further
  • Ok, no problem, tnx for the help. I'll leave it for now as it is. It's not a critical issue for my site. It's beyond my php skill :)
    If it helps, Wordpress handled eastern european titles -> prettyurls just fine, and I had no issues while on wp. Only Č,Ć need to be converted to just C in url. The other characters convert ok.
  • The function used by Flatpress is taken from Wordpress :-)
    In fact on my host Č is converted to c ;-)
  • you mean with FP or using WordPress? It might be that they have fixed some bug in the meantime
  • Using Flatpress, with the Configuration I've written above: Apache 2.2.22/Debian GNU Linux; PHP 5.4.3, lastest SVN revision of Flatpress.
    As browser I've used Iceweasel (unbranded Firefox).
  • All I know is that I have latest Flatpress & pretty urls plugin, and it doesn' wrk.
    The server is linux @ dreamhost shared host
    I'll send you links in a private message.
    But no need to fix it for me if you haven't got time, just to show that there may be a bug :)
  • Oh, I've seen.
    However I can't reply the bug so I can't help you, sorry.
  • http://flatpress.org/vanilla2/discussion/1930/pretty-url-links/p1?post#Form_Body
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