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Adding a dashed line after content but before tags
  • I'm using the Tags Plugin and the Deckay 4.0 Style. I would like to add an dashed line after the content of the entry but before the tags and categories.

    I looked into the entry-default.tpl, it looks like this:

    ....                {include file=shared:entryadminctrls.tpl}
                    <ul class="info">
                    <div align="left"<li>{if ($categories)}Kategorien: {$categories|@filed}{/if}</li></div>
                    <ul class="info2">
                    {if !(in_array('commslock', $categories) && !$comments)}
                    <div align="left"<li><a title="Permalink zum Beitrag '{$subject|tag:the_title}'" href="?entry={$id}" ><img src="./fp-interface/themes/deckay40/deckay-black/imgs/permalink.png" alt="Permalink" align="left"/></a><li></div><div align="right"<li><a href="{$id|link:comments_link}#comments" style="color: #EFBC61;" alt="Kommentare" title="Kommentare ansehen & schreiben:   {$subject|tag:the_title}">{$comments|tag:comments_number}</a></li></div>

    I cant add my line there, if I add it after {$content|tag:the_content} the tags are above the line, but it should be the other way around.

    So I looked in the Files of the Tag plugin, but I don't know where to put the code:
    <hr style="border:dashed #5c5c5c; 1px;">
    At the moment I use a dirty solution, i createt a new heading and added it to the Tags language file. The problem: If there are no tags selected for an entry, the line is of course also missing.
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