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Removing Footer "legal" ?
  • I'm playing around with a new Flatpress Theme and trying to get it as minimalistic as possible. It's for a new Project.

    Am I "allowed" to remove the "Powered by Flatpress and Theme by XY" part? I think a standard website not based on Flatpress will do the job but I like to play around with Flatpress, so I'm just curious :)

  • Yes, it is, at least for flatpress.
    If you see in the footer, there's a comment:
    				Even though your not required to do this, we'd appreciate
    				a lot if you didn't remove the notice above.
    				This way we'll get a better ranking on search engines
    				and you'll spread the FlatPress word all around the world :)
    				If you really want to remove it, you may want to
    				consider doing at least a small donation.  

    For the other part it dipends on the theme.
  • Thanks piero, I forgot all about that :) But it turns out to be better to create a site from scratch than modifying Flatpress :)
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