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Flatpress for an event site
  • Hi, I have to create a site for an association that promotes events.
    Initially I was thinking of creating a brand new system, but then I thought about Flatpress or Wordpress.

    If you used Flatpress, what plugins would you use?
    I was thinking of:
    • RewriteURLs
    • Date changer (to publish the entry on the date of the event)
    • Comment center (especially to use Akismet)
    • Tag
    I'm also thinking of making a plugin to make possible doing query with both category and date (currently it isn't possible).

  • Of my own plugins the scrolling last entries plugin might be useful. Also maybe the facebook like and tweet button plugins might come in handy. They're all on the wiki.

    I'm really liking LattilaD's hyperpage plugin at the moment - I'm not suggesting you could use that but it's worth looking at in case it gives you some new ideas.

    Also the remoteposting plugin (also on the wiki) might be the easiest way to let you client keep the site updated using Live Writer or a similar blogging program.

  • Thanks, I'll think about your suggestions.
    I've forgot FP-Stats.
  • Also the static entry plugin lets you keep sidebar (blockparser) content updated using Live Writer.
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