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I rewrote some Smarty filters
  • I know this isn’t a Smarty forum but Smarty is an essential part of Flatpress. I was thinking about how to display the size of documents in the Static Page List and discovered variable modifiers in Smarty. So I added a bit to admin\panels\static\admin.static.list.tpl:
    with a happy smile. It didn’t work. Neither count_words nor count_characters work with long files, and having a two megabytes static page results in an allocation error in either modifier. So I rewrote both. (Top remarks omitted here, I didn’t change them.)


    function smarty_modifier_count_words($string)
        // split text by ' ',\r,\n,\f,\t
        $split_array = preg_split('/\s+/',$string);
        // count matches that contain alphanumerics
        $word_count = preg_grep('/[a-zA-Z0-9\\x80-\\xff]/', $split_array);

        return count($word_count);

    // Long file aware version by LAttilaD

    $string=str_replace(' ', ' ', $string, $spaces);
        $string=str_replace("\n", "\n", $string, $enters);
        return $spaces+$enters;

    I know this version isn’t as accurate as the old one, but it won’t stop at a longer file.


    function smarty_modifier_count_characters($string, $include_spaces = false)
        if ($include_spaces)

    //    return preg_match_all("/[^\s]/",$string, $match);

    // Long file aware version by LAttilaD
    $string=str_replace(' ', ' ', $string, $spaces);
        return strlen($string)-$spaces;


  • PS. To display document lengths with thousand separators, use
    (or the same with characters) in your template. The comma is the separator, change it to any character you need. Note that I had to write [0-9] three times because Smarty doesn’t accept {3} as regex pattern (it tries to translate it to a variable).
  • smarty supports every php function. You could use |str_word_counts and |strlen

    (Also, I've changed the title of this discussion)
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