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Implementing BBCode
  • I am currently writing a forum script and was wondering if anyone here could help me with implementing BBCode, considering the fact that that's what FlatPress uses in its posts.
    If it helps, all the code can be downloaded at http://mahtava.allalla.com/nexus/downloads.php. It uses MySql to store data.
  • Hi, if you want a toolbar you can download mine from http://www.pierovdfn.it/redirect/plugin_bbtoolbar.html
    Most useful file is the js file, however it's quite messy.

    If you want a parser if you don't want to extend it very much (like the class used in FP) you can simply use regular expressions.
  • Well, how would one go about writing a parser?
  • flatpress is using this library http://www.christian-seiler.de/projekte/php/bbcode/index_en.html
    I wouldn't really recommend regexes since nesting would probably get messy. 
  • I do know; I'm adding it to a forum script, though, so it would make sense to use BBCode.
    Now how exactly do I go about using this? I only want it in one file, topic.php.
  • the website has plenty of examples in the documentation section
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