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Pretty URL / Links
  • Hello - I enabled Pretty URLs. When I select an uploaded file within an entry it shows in edit mode with the URL tags but nothing when previewing or publishing. I'm assuming the content within the URL tags would be hyperlinked for people to download the file? If this isn't how its supposed to work please let me know. Thanks!
  • Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to explain. All is fine now! Related to this, I would like the ability to open a link in a new window (using [url]). I replaced the BBcode with the one that would allow you to do this but for some reason it doesn't show as an option. Is it possible to add some code to get the same effect? For example in HTML the target=blank can be added. Thanks in advance!!
  • I've installed your plugin - thanks - and see some of the features added above the text entry area (eg. URL icon) but when I paste or write a URL between the [url] tags, no icon shows up next to the link when previewing or when live. Do I need to upload the arrow image or is it already contained in the upload? Thanks!
  • You're welcome!
  • Hello Stanley, hello everybody. Sorry for my bad english, but I have some important question.
    If I chance from normal urls that we use from the first day of to PrettyUrls plugin, what happen? Will be all ok?
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