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Spam on wiki
  • A big amount of spam has flooded Flatpress Wiki. I have removed a lot of it. Spammers should be banned, I suppose.
  • Yes, I've deleted a lot of spam from there too. There are plugins for dokuwiki to help fight it, but I suppose NWM's got a lot of other things which need to take precedence at the moment. I don't know if it's possible to give special powers to some of the legitimate users on there to blacklist spammers' IP addresses, for instance?

    It seems to have turned into a flood of spam over the last week or so.

  • @LAttilaD @stanley you've been both promoted to "manager" on the wiki, which should give you some "special powers". https://www.dokuwiki.org/config:manager?s[]=managers

    EDIT: there is now a plugin to allow you to ban usernames and I have upgraded the wiki to the last version (there is a new theme)
  • Thank you, NoWhereMan. I’ll do my best.
  • Seems that I banned the first spammer, but only one because I ruined it. First I deleted the pages then wanted to ban the authors, but after removing the pages, I couldn’t find the names of the spammers. One of them I did ban, however. Others will pop up later and get banned.
  • Do you subscribe to the wiki RSS feed? All the user names are there. I've just added another - probably from that page I can see you'd already reverted. I picked that name up from my news feed, which is how I pick up on how much spam is coming through (I'm not actually sure if there's another way to see these pages?)
  • I’m reading the feed for a long time, but my viewer doesn’t show user names… today you made some modifications and I read them on my reader after reading this comment of yours. No, there isn’t your name there. No problem, I will solve it, now I know I have to take care to ban the spammers before deleting the spams.
  • I don’t know how much work does this need, but I would consider forbiding registering user names starting with letters and ending with digits. Please look at the list of banned users, all spammers follow this naming scheme like „oralia865”. They may make any number of registrations in any short time and post any amount of spam. Disallowing registrations upon this scheme would make this spammer bot unable to harm, and real people could still choose from tons of names.
  • Yes, there's got to be a better way to do this because there are several cases appearing every day (and we could end up doing this every day for the rest of our lives).

    I was thinking that either the Bad Behaviour plugin or/and a captcha might help. But I think a better way would be to make new registrations need approval before they can do anything: https://www.dokuwiki.org/faq:userapproval I know this goes against the grain of trying to get more people to use the wiki, but not a lot actually do use it so maybe we could just control it that way, and maybe only approve new users who are also registered on the forum (so we can quickly check they are genuine users).

    I think controlling editorial access to the wiki will be much better than trying to block spam.

  • Well, the problem with approval is that I cannot see much difference between checking it every day and ban spammers and checking it every day and approve new users. Both will make us end up doing this every day. I’m moderating at several places, and if such an amount of spam is coming, I/we always look for automated solutions.
    By the way, I have no idea how to decide when seeing, say, „joe80” if it’s a person or a bot. If I refuse a person, s/he must register again, I have to decide again, that consumes time and energy and makes annoyance for both of us. If I approve a bot, it will start posting, then I have to ban it anyway, but banning works now, too, just in that case I work on the same case twice.
    So, I’m against user approval.
  • But it's easy to check they have a profile on this forum? The spambots wouldn't register at both places.
  • Stanley, no matter what do you need to do everyday: you need to do something everyday. You didn’t lift the weight from our shoulders, but have introduced another point of vulnerability in the system. If a user registers only on the wiki and not on the forum, may be killed. Maybe you come in those five minutes between the two registrations. Or, if a spambot registers on both places, we will let it go through, and then kill it with twice the effort.
  • Then the Bad Behaviour plugin would seem the best option?
  • If it can fulfill the task, yes.
  • bad behaviour has been installed
  • You might want to check out ZB Block as a highly recommended measure against all kinds of bots that spams, hacks, exploits or behaves generally bad.  It goes way further than Bad Behaviour in some areas and can be installed in parallel for extended protection.

    Although I don't think anyone has used ZB Block together with DokuWiki yet it should be rather easy to implement, and there are a good community to help solve any issues.
    I also know it works well together with Flatpress, even better with a slight mod  ;)

    Btw. Capcha is legacy and does absolutely nothing for security these days. The bots can usually solve most kinds as OCR technology built in has become common.
  • Since NoWhereMan installed Bad Behaviour, I didn’t get any spam notificiation. Congrats and thanks. I like best to be an admin at places where there’s nothing to do.

  • LAttilaD said:

    Since NoWhereMan installed Bad Behaviour, I didn’t get any spam notificiation. Congrats and thanks. I like best to be an admin at places where there’s nothing to do.

    don't we all love that kind of places? 
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