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  • This month for the first time I'm seeing /externlink appended to a majority of the 404 entries in my AWStats.  These entries are connected to established flatpress sites that have been up for years.  What's up with that?
  • No ideas?  I checked stats from past months and even last year and this is completely new.
  • Isn't that because someone is trying to reach a page with that on the end, not because of something which FP is doing.

    The only place I know of that externlink is used in FP is in my own version of the BBCode plugin, but I checked my own logs and couldn't see anything similar to what you're seeing. It's only used as a class name there anyway - I can't see how it would affect anything.

  • Maybe all those pr0n and Russian bride sites have a new way to spam the referrers stats and get their URL data somewhere online? 

    Here's an example.  The referrer url is:


    An that link is translated by the server as:


    After several years, this just started happening this month.  My 404s are growing exponentially.  No one else seeing this behavior?

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