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My FP installation - and the adjustments I took
  • Hi,

    at first I'd like to thank the FlatPress team for that superb piece of open source software. FP works like a charm and is really easy to enhance.
    To my person: I was founder, leader and coder of moziloCMS, a German open source PHP-based flatfile CMS, until I handed over the whole project to fellow coders due to personal reasons and time restrictions. moziloCMS is actively being developed ever since. And of course, for my website projects I proudly use it. But moziloCMS just ain't no blog software by design, and so I reached (and exceeded) its limits with my personal bike touring book which technically is...a blog.
    So instead of twisting moziloCMS beyond its possibilities, I decided to look out for a native flatfile and open source blog software - and fortunately found FlatPress.

    And since this is the "Show off" section, I proudly present my blog "Ruhrpott-Tourenbuch" at fahrrad.arvidzimmermann.de :)
    This is the place where I collect my bike tours in the German Ruhr area - which used to be dusty and industrial for decades. But these times are gone, now the Ruhr area is very green and a great place to cycle. I love it :)

    I enhanced some features in FlatPress which I'd like to share with the community. Maybe it inspires someone to tweak their own FlatPress installation - feel free to ask me for further details and codes of the individual functions!

    • Archives plugin (left side at the bottom of the page): A few lines of JavaScript and CSS take care that just the current year will initially be expanded. Would be too large otherwise.
    • LastEntries plugin: It's used twice (just by copy&rename) - on the right side it shows the last five, at the bottom of the page the last ten entries.
    • Lightbox2 plugin: Once popped out an image, you can browse through all the page's images without interruption. Due to a static Lightbox group in the "rel" attribute of all images, Lightbox handles all images on the page as one single group.
    • ReadMore plugin: I didn't like the readmore link to point at the #readmore anchor somewhere in the middle of the blog entry. After a small change it now points just to the entry's top.
    • CustomBBCode plugin: I added some helpful BBcode tags as excellently described at http://wiki.flatpress.org/doc:plugins:bbcode:tips.
      One example is my mail tag. It contains a mail adress obfuscation "borrowed" from moziloCMS which protects from spammers.
      The protected mail links are now available as a dedicated FlatPress plugin.
    • QuickGallery plugin: Another function taken from moziloCMS. Descriptions for the gallery pictures are read from a Properties file located in the gallery directory. It looks something like
      • image1.jpg = This is the image's caption to show in the pop-out.
        image2.jpg = Caption of the 2nd image.
        ...and so on.

      For now, I create this file manually and upload it via FTP into the gallery directory. It should be possible though to create a tiny admin plugin for that. Who likes to...? ;)
    • Entry editor: Images and attachments are sorted by name, not by upload date. I also added custom BBCodes and some eye candy to the BBCode toolbar.tpl - looks much more fancy with graphical icons :)


    Edit: Updated the link after rehosting my bike blog.

  • That's a VERY nice layout. Well done.

    Don't forget you can also use the scrolling last entries plugin if you want to save a bit more room :)


    Also, Igor's page showing how to add microdata to your blog is worth reading...


  • Hi,

    thanks for your kind feedback.
    The "last entries ticker" is a nice gimmick, but for me it's too much movement ;)
    I will read into Igor's blog post, looks very interesting. Thanks for the hint!

  • Uh, the whole microdata thing came with HTML5 - I would have to rework the theme to be compatible. Not sure about the time that takes, but I will take a closer look at it. I am quite familiar with XHTML but didn't explore HTML5 deeply yet. Seems a good time to start! ;)
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