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Import an rss feed
  • Can I display an rss feed on a flatpress page using a script like rss2html or carp?
  • yes. you can do a widget plugin for instance
  • Sorry, I haven't gotten back sooner. I wanted to add the feed to a post or static page. I was also trying to add an include. I tried to add includes for the rss2html but it fp doesn't recognize the php code in the post or page. I know wordpress has a plugin which I use called exec-php that allows a php includes into a post or page, but I am not good enough to get it working in flatpress. So I am stumped and haven't had any good ideas that work.
  • That's what plugins are for. There Basically a way of including php and other languages such as javascript in flatpress. I'm not very adapt with php but i'm sure it's doable.
  • I am trying to figure it out.
  • 'title for my widget', 'content' => 'my content' ); } /* here you register the widget so that it is available through the web interface first parameter is the plugin id, second is a pretty name (whatever you want) last one is the name of the widget function */ register_widget('plugin_name', 'Plugin Pretty Name', 'plugin_plugin_name_widget'); ?> there are several examples in your fp-plugins/ directory HTH
  • any solution to this problem since 2008? I want to post some RSS articles in my posts, from some given RSS feed.. How can I do this? There is any Plugin?
  • I haven't understoood? For example NWM posts his tweets in his FP Blog automatically, do you want to do a similiar thing?
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