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4warna Them
  • Hi, I've edited the leggero theme and the result is like this. As the name suggest it contains 4 different styles (4warna means 4color). I don't know how can I put my theme to the wiki though ;)
  • register on the wiki then attach the theme using the upload button (looks like a small picture) you'll find in the page editor if you didn't edit anything in the TPLs (at a first glance you didn't) then you probably want to release only your styles :) PS: your site is broken: you should create a .htaccess in your blog root or activate the pathinfo urls as explained in other discussions about 404 errors
  • I've added it to the wiki thanks. Yes I don't edit the tpls, that much only added some new id's and classes. Oops yes 110mb.com don't allow freeplan user to use a .htaccess, and I've disabled the prettyurl plugin.
  • Only three small suggestions... 1) What about changing the message colors, adapting them to the selected style? 2) The post date it's a little bit smaller 3) The drafts are almost the same grey as the background. But it's always a very nice theme! Congrats!
  • Geee... thanks.. I'll update them if I have another spare time :)
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