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skin recolor glitch (IE)
  • ok, so i started with the snail theme and i have been recoloring it to fit my color scheme that i want. so far it all looks great! im using firefox and it looks good, (My Site Link) but then i went to school and looked it up there but all they have is IE and i haddent thought to test it with my own IE and it came up with a huge glitch. the main content pane (as you can see if you use firefox) is supposed to be white, but it came up as the original default for the snail theme of dark grey. does anyone know how to fix this glitch??
  • i haddent thought to test it with my own IE and it came up with a huge glitch.

    Hm, first search for "outer-container" in your CSS-files from the snail-theme. Then add/change for the outer-container the color/background-color and try again.
  • HOORAY! thanks! that worked perfectly!! im not one to know a whole lot of any certain code language, but i've done so much coding in little bits of everything that i usually manage to get bye. i dont' know much css so im always referencing tut on the net and stuff. i just though that outer-container sounded like something more to do with the outsite edges so i guess i ignored it at first. thanks a lot!
  • I saw that outer-container tag was never used, so I think I removed it from the css... If you can't find it just grab it from the Leggero theme and edit it as you need it! (Actually I think that if outer-container is for IE I'll never remove it from future themes...) Sorry guys! I promise that, as soon as I got time (I'm under exam at university, so all I do is study,go to work eat and sleep), I'll upload all of my themes!
  • Yeah marco do that, I'll be waiting for your theme.. OOT: what about the EURO don't you have time to watch it lol :))
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