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  • Hi. My name is Paul Mora, and I'm getting Flatpress working on my Raspberry Pi.


  • rungeek said:

    Hi. My name is Paul Mora, and I'm getting Flatpress working on my Raspberry Pi.


    Hi Paul! That's cool! Welcome to the forums. You should now be a full member.
  • Hi,
    My name is Gordon - I have set up Flatpress on my home network to serve as my access point for my media files, applying here because I "know" I'll need some guidance at some point.
  • Hi!
    Welcome to the forums.
    I activated your account, now you should be able to comment all discussions and create new ones.
  • Hi,
    my name is kalli, i am from Germany.
    I wold like to setup FlatPress for my Homepage.
    So i have a few qustions ;-)
  • hi @kalli, you are now a full member
  • hello, everyone! my name is felfraa, i am new here. i from China and i like here very much. can somebody make friend with me?
  • Hi felfraa, this is a support forum for FlatPress. We cannot approve your membership unless you are a FlatPress user.
  • My name is Cristian (or Panther here) and I'm using flatpress since 2008 (when guerrenelmondo.it and warsintheworld.com are born and they are living thanks to flatpress). ciaoooo
  • hi, this is cbhelp.
    how are you, guys!!!

  • Hi cbhelp, how are you using FlatPress?
  • Does this still apply to members who are registered for a longer time?
  • OK :D I was a little confused because I thought the message on the index would only be shown for user who haven't replied to theas thread :D
  • Hello there, I am a new flatpress user, currently creating a new theme inspired from the leggero theme. Focusing on separation of blog entries and high readability. Will post in themes once I have finished. 
  • Also I have confirmed my email twice and it still is requiring me to confirm.
  • because of the spam users are now required to post here and to be activated by a moderator to become full members. You are now a full member.
  • Hey guys, we'll be using flatpress for our lab's website. Glad to be here.
  • Hey guys, we'll be using flatpress for our lab's website. Glad to be here.
  • welcome aboard
  • Hello :) I'm just starting to play around with FlatPress (cloned it from Git Hub :) )
  • Welcome! Now you are a full member :-)
  • Hi - need to ask some noob style questions about FP to get me started! :)
  • Sure, welcome to the club!
  • I just posted in help but it doesnt show up?
  • I can see it
  • Hi All, looking at flatpress to start a mini "WikiLeaks", ha ha !
  • Simon and I'm using flatpress to setup a blog for a client. :)
  • Hi Steve here will post a problem I have in the other forum section.
  • ciao a tutti, il mio nome è francesco e sto iniziando ad usare la piattaforma flatpress, grazie per l'impegno ragazzi
  • welcome guys
  • Hello, I just sign up on FlatPress, not sure how to use this system yet.  Time to explore.
  • you are now a full member
  • Hello,

    i'm from germany and my english is not very good :)
  • Just a second one? 
  • you are now a full member. Don't worry, there are many German-speaking users!
  • Hello! My name is Christos Koulaxizis and i 'm from Greece. I used to blog with Pplog but Flatpress really stole my heart!! It's such an easy-to-use and powerful application at the same time! I'm happy to be here with you! :)
  • Hi!

    My Name is Andreas, I'm from Austria and came to this Blog software from another Flatpress user who belongs to another fine open source software called NAS4free. I would like to use Flatpress for my personal contribution to this.

    Congrats to Flatpress, like it really, especially the plugin system!

  • Hi, both you are now full members!
    Welcome to Flatpress!
  • Hi my name is Gene and I would like to add flatpress blogs to existing websites.  

  • Hi,
    I had to wipe and reinstall my server - long boring story, involving bad back-ups - anyway - My name is Gordon, I see my post from ages ago in the list, but for the life of me I can't seem to get my account to register here - keeps saying I need to resend the email confirmation - but I have - twice, IDK, maybe I should go do something else for a while.
    Oh yea - I really like Flatpress! :)
  • Hi Gordon! Welcome on board. For spam reasons we have restricted registration to a manual approval procedure. You should be able to post everywhere now
  • Hi, i'm using flatpress because MySQL confuses me and with my free host I am limited to 10mb of space for a (MySQL) database.
  • Hallo! Looking for a lighterweight blogging package I thought I'd try out flatpress! I just installed v1.0.1 and went through the setup routine (permissions, filled out the form, etc.).

    Although the results of the setup form indicated success, the top of the page displayed an error that reads thuslyish:

    Warning: preg_match() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given in /path/to/flatpress/fp-includes/core/core.static.php on line 37

    Should I continue or is there something I should fix first?
  • greg said:

    ouch, that is embarrassing. I rushed the fix. replace core.static.php with this one: https://raw.github.com/evacchi/flatpress/master/fp-includes/core/core.static.php

  • welcome to both, btw
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