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  • Thanks for the warm welcome and the quick fix!

    I like, a lot, what I see so far! I did run across a Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Unknown modifier '+' in/path/to/flatpress/fp-includes/core/core.static.php on line 37

    When loading /flatpress/admin.php?p=widgets&action=blockparser

  • Hi guys, New to flatpress and i need help I keep on getting this error for static pages: 

    Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Unknown modifier '\' in /tmp/www-tmp/flatpress/fp-includes/core/core.static.php on line 37
  • Hi, you are now enabled as full member!
    Welcome to our community!

    Please open a new thread to ask your problem to be solved ;-)
  • make sure you updated to FlatPress 1.0.2
  • Hello, I'm Likestodraw. I am on here to come for support from time to time for my Flatpress blog.
  • Thank you for the Welcome! I will try upgrading to 1.0.2
  • Hi there, my name is Radu and i need some help. I installed version 1.0.2 and i am getting a blank error message when trying to save a static page. The error message consists of just a dot, no description. Can anyone help please? Thanks.
  • Hello and thanks for awesome blogging engine, its all what i need :)

    i've posted it somewhere on the forums but i'll post it too maybe i could help, this is my video about blank static error http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br5iMxjiRbo its 1.0.2 and with updated core.static.php, but on non-updated one - same error.
  • Hi, you are now full members of our community.
    Welcome and please open a new thread to ask your problems to be solved ;-)
  • Hi guys,
    I am Canberk BOLAT of Mavituna Security. We are developing an product called Netsparker that finds vulnerabilities in web applications like SQL Injection, XSS etc.. During our tests against open source web applications, we are identifiedsecurity vulnerability in FlatPress. Please get in touch with me.

    Happy codings.
  • hi Canberk, you are now a full member. Feel free to open issues on GitHub. Pull requests are really, really appreciated at this point.
  • Hello!

    My name is Jens, I'm from Germany and I use FlatPress since I ran my blog on my small OpenWRT router.
    Now that I moved my domain to a virtual server I still stick with FlatPress because it is slim and has less security risks without the usage of a *sql database.

    Nice work NoWhereMan!
    Thank you very much!
  • Hello!

    I'm Ian and I'm new to flatpress. I just installed it today and all seems to work apart from the BBCode plugin. If it is disabled I can see the text with all tags, but if its enabled I can't see any text at all. My server runs php 4.4.

    Has anyone an idea what could be the problem?
  • Hi Ian, welcome to Flatpress community.
    You are a full member now.

    I think that your PHP version is too old. PHP.net support of PHP 4 ended years ago... FP remained compatible with PHP 4 until 1.0 I think, but PHP 4 support has been dropped since PHP 5.4 had some compatibility errors.

    If you have further troubles open a new thread, please.
  • Hi.. my name is catherine.. i'm from indonesia.. my age is hmm 28 :)
    Congrats and thanks Flatpress.. i like it ;)

  • Hello, it's me again.

    I think you forgot me to give me a full membership, I posted my comment already a month ago :-(

    Happy new year!
  • Hello,
    My name is Josías
    Im loving flatpress since I found it in google ;)
  • Bug Fix release 1.0.2 and PHP Version 5.4.23

    I just installed the release 1.0.2.
    Following Notices still appear...

    1. In the Categories menu, when you create Categories ...

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /..../fp-includes/smarty/plugins/function.list_categories.php on line 33

    2. In the option Contact...

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::connect() should not be called statically in /.../contact.php on line 40, 42, 43, 44, 45

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::is_valid_smarty_object() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 48

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::_object_instance() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 49

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::register_form() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 50

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::is_registered_form() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 83

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::_smarty_assign() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 92

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::_object_instance() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 643


    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::is_registered_form() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/plugins/function.validate.php on line 45

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::is_registered_validator() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/plugins/function.validate.php on line 63

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::is_registered_form() should not be called statically in /.../fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 428


    3. In then option... Archives 2013 December

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /.../fp-includes/core/core.fpdb.class.php on line 302


    Thank you very much for your work.

  • Hi, you are a full member now.
    Please check if you have the last version of FP.
    You can ignore these errors and suppress them, however for other problems, please open a new thread.
  • Thank pierovdfn.

    Yes. I have the latest version of FP : 1.0.2

    Some questions...

    - To suppress the warnings "Strict Standards"... You have to add the lines:
    ini_set('display_errors', 0);
    in file defaults.php.

    - Is that it?

    - Are there plans to correct the Strict Standards?

    - Or maybe it is not necessary?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi, you're welcome.

    it's not

    I don't know about strict standards, you have to ask NoWhereMan...
    However, as the name tells, they aren't fatal errors, so you can ignore them. They are due to changes of the PHP language. The wrong code was written I think for PHP 4... Last version of PHP is 5.5.7... There have been so many changes ;-)
  • Hi,
    I need to do the following:
    I want flatpress rss shows all the content since the begning. Now its showing only the lastest 5 post, and I want it show more. is it possible?

    thank you!
  • Hello all..
    My name is Baguz Ach :)
    I from city Jember east Java, Indonesia
    I really fell in love with flatpress, with little knowledge that I know I tried to translate the language flatpress to my language, I also tried to create a small plugin for flatpress plugin, and I'm trying to create a theme flatpress, but due to my busy life, I do not know when it will be done.. hehe .. thanks to all the friends flatpress users who helped me a lot .. and very thanks for FlatPress ;)

    thank you!

  • Hello I am datatech. I am blogger. thanks
  • Hi datatech, how did you get to know FlatPress?
  • Anyone interested in an html5 port?  I've managed to complete most of it but am working through various issues related to that.  I've also fixed the drag and drop on the widgets panel if anyone is interested in that (replace position absolute with fixed in admin.widgets.js and your done).  I'm also working on a goodreads plugin for my wife and have created a theme for her that I'll post once it's completed.  It's mostly done but I'm having an issue where the adminarea disappears off of the panel when I'm on the widgets page (doesn't affect any of the other cpmain pages).

    Edit: forgot to mention that I'm going to integrate ckeditor into the mix for the wife as well as she doesn't code and is unwilling to even try past the absolute basics.
  • Hi, it seems you are interested in Flatpress very much :-)
    Welcome aboard!
  • I am interested.  The theme is mostly complete as far as the elements are concerned, you can see it here cathysreadingblog.liquibyte.com.  I wanted to make at least six color schemes available to complete the theme, kind of like the way fluxish does it.

    I have to run some diffs on the files I've modified to find two issues I have left with the port.  As stated, the adminarea plugin disappears when on the widgets page and I can't get the comments to behave properly yet.  I'm not sure if the second issue is related to file permissions or not.  I haven't looked into it that much yet.  The Goodreads plugin is finished and I haven't started on the ckeditor integration.  I'm definitely having fun.
  • Hi, I'm not new and also not very active. But I take the chance to say thank you, NoWhere Man . Greetings from Germany.
  • Hey I'm Phil, 22 from Germany.
    I found this system also trough searching on the web. I was so upset with my old windows PC because you'll need several applications that are simply not necessary for most of all private blogging.For example the databases, if your system is stuck and you want to reinstall, its not worth the time you'll spend just for setting up an new SQL installation. And what for ? just for having your 30 blog entries "better structured" ... Thats why i switched to debian and try to set up a new flatpress blog. Which worked great thank you =) (no its not on my own server. )
    Now you can say the CMS motivated someone to switch to linux :D

    I got some Problems, but i'll post it in another topic.

  • Welcome PJ23! ( btw, FlatPress has been equally developed on Linux, Windows and Mac. It worked pretty flawlessly on IIS + MS WebMatrix too, last time I checked ;) )
  • Hi.

    I'm Morrigan, and I'm taking my first steps with flatpress here :)
  • welcome, Morrigan!
  • hello everyone, it's great, need an advance

    I try the code to hide entry from lates entries 
    this the code:
     $q = new FPDB_Query(array('fullparse'=>false,'start'=>0,'count'=>$num, 'exclude'=>1), null);   
    it's not work for me..
    just need to hide specific entries in category from latest entries

    its great CMS, really like it and want to learn deep in it
  • Hi, trisno, you are now a full member.
    Please open a new thread to be helped ;-)
  • Hi All,

    I've been looking for a blogging engine for a while. Tried Wordpress but it seemed an overkill for a simple blog. Then I tried pico which wasn't bad but I couldn't configure exactly how I wanted. Finally we have flatpress and boy it is good. Exactly what I want and so easily configurable.


  • Welcome abroad, you are a full member now and you can post in the whole forum.
  • Hi. I decided to put my blog back online. I've been fooling around quite a bit with FP last year and I'd like to be able to develop my own plugin at some point. :) See you on the forum! Marc
  • Hello my name is Lord Rakim and I joined because my FP blog has decided to malfunction :)

  • hi and welcome
  • Hi NoWhereMan!

    This is my third try to introduce myself here to become a full member :-)

    Greetings from Germany!
  • Hi Jens, I don't know when you were approved, but right now you already are a full member :)
  • Oh thank you very much :-)
    But is it correct that this red banner on top of the forum ist still visible also when I'm full member?
  • yup, it is a general advice
  • Hi My name is shine ..

  • Hi Shine, please tell us something more about you, because otherwise we can't approve you!
  • Hello, my name is Justin, I own my own web design organization, and I love flatpress! I just wanted to know if flatpress is still supported, since I think it is the BEST blogging software (Since you don't have to worry about SQL). If you guys still do watch the forums, Hi! Hopefully you'll accept me as a full member. 
  • i'm a fp user my site erbi.info
  • Hi, you both are full member now! Welcom to our community!
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