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  • Hi, My name's Ivor Pseudonym, and I'm using flatpress to run a blog behind a site I'm building.

    Having an issue, so am seeking help from the forums...

    EDIT: Never mind, solved by enabling the PrettyURL module. Would recommend that this is enabled by default in 1.0.2
  • Greetings!

    I am trying out Flatpress for the first time. I am a lttle tired of Joomla and Wordpress. I like the relatively uncomplicated design.

    Duncan Anderson
  • Hi, I'm new here, just installed flatpress on xampp (its only for local, not www) and I'm quite surprised how its going. But there is some problem.

    I made some categories-list an now I get this:

    "Strict Standards
    : Only variables should be passed by reference in <...>flatpress102\fp-includes\smarty\plugins\function.list_categories.php on line 33"

    Its shown on the webpage over the categories (after the word "categories") three times, that looks very ugly :) and its shown on backend by making entries, too.

    Sorry for writing it in there, I confirmed my email adress three times an get already offered to do that. And I can't write in "bugs" - only here.

  • Hi, welcome to our community.
    You could post only here because we always have spam attacks, but you are now full members so you can post in the whole forum :-) 
  • Hurray! More people using Flatpress! 
  • i'm shy :$
  • Hi, Wel I'm new, just started to read the source files, looks interesting! Greetings, Wiel
  • Hi, welcome abroad :-)
  • Hello everyone. I must say, I had been looking for an easy blogging solution that doesn't require any mysql set up or difficult stuff like that, for a long time. And I finally found it! I'm now just starting with my site, but I feel like at home with the intuitive flat press interface. It's super easy to use for dummies like me! 

    Thank you so much and see you at the forums.
  • welcome to our forums :)
  • Hi - I'm new here, so thanks for the help in getting started with FlatPress.  I'm hoping to get blogs running without bothering the entire IT department :-)
  • Still trying to understand the new user process.  I've confirmed my email address several times, as requested, but it's still asking me to confirm my email address.
  • You need(ed) an Administrator to enable your account due to SPAM policy.
    Now I've done it!
  • Hey guys!

    I'm Penelope from Spain (and my english is a little bit poor and odd xD ).

    I use to use wordpress but I think flatpress is a good platform for some kind of projects, and I like how light it is!

    So I'd like to join this comunnity :)


  • Hello All,

    My self neema perl , I am working at one web hosting company we will providing secured web hostinjg $1 unlimited hosting and Linux shared web hosting


  • Hi all,
    new to this place and just installed flatpress on my raspberry.
    first think i've noticed is the flooding of "strict" php error.
    "ignoring" them is not a solution, so i'm fixing them time by time, but for sure a "strict fix" version should be released :)
    btw, good work and good running on the poor pi :)
  • Hi I'm chad and I'm thinking about switching blog software from Joomla and Serendipity to FlatPress. It's gonna be a tough migration so I want to simply start a fresh, new blog on FlatPress to get a feel for the system. Then I'll convert my other blogs over - in whatever way I find the most efficient.

    I'm a control freak so I'm hoping FlatPress will give me the ability to do thing how I like.

    I'm a fan of text file based computing. I've been in the software industry for a while now and through all the revolutions, the one solid format has remained basic text with minimal markup(down). No need for proprietary or open-source databases, no need for closed, custom file formats, no need for the complexity. Now that we design such smart systems on such fast machines we can come back to text file based computing and still deliver rich experiences.

    I'm happy to see blogging software that thinks like I do. Thanks for making FlatPress. I'm hoping it will suit my purposes and that I'll use it for the next few years.
  • Hi
    I am running Flatpress 1.0.2 on two Raspberry Pis for a small group intranet. I am trying to get jsMath running and otherwise finding my way around the system. Some newbie questions coming...
  • welcome all
  • hey, my name is Liam Allan, and i chose Flatpress to start my own blog. i am also a keen coder so will most probably contribute to new plugins/themes once i understand how flatpress works :)
  • HI all.
    I have just installed flatpress
  • chip said:

    HI all.
    I have just installed flatpress

    Glad you decided to go with FlatPress! Congrats! 
  • Hello

    My (real) Name is Michael Kappes - here on forum: majestyx

    It is my first install. of a FP. I have some time "play arround" whit CMS and "databases". To much funktionctions for blogging. FP is ready round up!

    Big THANKS for a very good Software

  • Hello. My Name is Keinosuke Kamada and I'm a Japanese. My English is too poor.......... Thanks.
  • Loving bird.. jack Sparow is here... kind of osean
  • My name is Aarav Singh and I am looking for a new hosting provider.
  • hi,
    just downloaded flatpress, getting a lot of errors on the Contact page...
    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::connect() should not be called statically in /var/www/flatpress/contact.php on line 40

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::is_valid_smarty_object() should not be called statically in /var/www/flatpress/fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 48

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::_object_instance() should not be called statically in /var/www/flatpress/fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 49

    Strict Standards: Non-static method SmartyValidate::register_form() should not be called statically in /var/www/flatpress/fp-includes/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 50

  • Hi jonnyog!
    Your account is now active.
    You can ignore these problems by turning off strict standards.
    If you have further questions, please open a new discussion.
    Enjoy Flatpress :-)
  • I like flatpress because of it's portability, lightweight interface and speed.
    Would like to submit the bugs I see :)
  • Hi, welcome to our community!
    We'll be happy to receive your bugs reporting :-)
  • Hello! My name is Luis Richardson and i 'm from Australia. I am student, I love to use flatpress for posting my articles. Many thanks
  • Welcome! Feel free to show us your blog in the Show Off section!! :)

  • My name is John, I was looking for a blog that did not require a database.
  • hi, this is cbhelp

  • i am searching help
  • Hi cbhelp, are you using Flatpress?
    We are sorry to ask you to write something else, but we have continuous spam attacks...
  • Hello
    I am an Arab and my language is Arabic, and I want to change the direction of the article that arise; What is responsible View?

    Sorry do not speak good English.
  • Hi comic, welcome to our community!
    I've activated your account...
    If I've understood correctly, you are looking for fp-interface/themes/your-theme-name/entry-default.tpl.
    Usually themes have this file, but themes authors can call it as they want, as long as there is an index.tpl file.
    Please, if you have further questions, open a new thread.
  • Hi

    Name is John. I've spent most of the day looking at alternatives to Wordpress and like flatpress. Looking to integrate a flatpress theme into an existing website.

  • Welcome John!
    Now you are a member and you can use the forum.
  • Hi Everybody,

    My name is Alexander. I use Flatpress instead of Wordpress on this page: http://bakonysarkany.hu
    I'm the editor of this page, I installed.
  • Hi everybody, I just subscribed to the forum and I'm a fresh user of FlatPress on this page.. enjoying it so far...

    Ciao a tutti, mi sono appena iscritto e sono un nuovo utente di FlatPress su questa pagina.. per adesso va alla grande... 

  • Hello All,
    I'm Michele from Italy

  • Hello, welcome to our forum!
  • Hello hello! Just doing my antispam spam post lol
  • Flatpress is exactly what I was looking for - text based (no SQL), lightweight, portable, and platform independent.  Great job!

    Since there are surely a number of like-minded folks here, I'd like some recommendations on non-database photo gallery software.  I have been/still am using the http://galleryproject.org/ Gallery 1 version, which does not require a database.  But they stopped supporting that version long ago in favor of mysql versions, and now it appears that they are stopping development on that as well.  I would sure like to find something to replace Gallery 1 that is currently working well and likely to be supported for some time to come.


  • Greetings!

    I am trying out Flatpress for the first time. I am a little tired of Joomla and Wordpress. I like the relatively uncomplicated design. 


    I'm also a keen coder so will most probably contribute to new plugins/themes.
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